For many of us, the holidays are for family, friends and festivity. That being said, why stress and slave over the menu when you still have to go last minute gift shopping, decorate and pick up grandma and grandpa from the airport? If you haven’t yet perfected the art of roasting a turkey with your mind (because who has time to learn?), you needn’t worry – you just need a helping hand. But…who? Who has the expertise to whip up a stellar holiday meal, serve drinks and clean up after?


I’m not talking about Rosie the robot from the Jetsons. Better – the Café L’Europe catering team. Our team brings the magic to your event – impeccable food, professional service and spotless cleanup. The passion shows in each of our team members; your satisfaction is what we crave!


Dates are filling up quickly, so give us a call at 941.388.4415 ext. 4 to check availability. Once the Café L’Europe team is on board, you’ll be free to worry about other things – like keeping in-laws civil, pets under control and kids on their best behavior.