As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cafe L’Europe, we’re faced with a new chapter—one that tests our resilience and determination. In the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, our hearts are with our Suncoast community, and we want to keep you informed about the journey ahead for our restaurant

The hurricane’s impact reached far and wide, and unfortunately, Cafe L’Europe was not spared from the challenges Idalia brought. The storm surge flooding that affected all of St. Armands Circle and the barrier islands in the wake of Hurricane Idalia has prompted us to shift our focus from renovation to restoration.

In a serendipitous twist, the timing of the flood coincided with the near-completion of Phase 2 of our long-awaited renovations, including the construction of an exquisite new bar and lounge. While this setback is undeniable, we’re choosing to find strength in the situation.

Construction crews, already on-site, are poised to turn this setback into a springboard for a speedy restoration. We are hopeful that this important work will take no more than two weeks, and we will be able to reopen in mid-September.

We also wish to thank our partners at TDS Construction for standing beside us throughout the process of both renovation and restoration. You have our most sincere, immense gratitude! Especially for your recommendation of Rapid Response Team – these folks are true professionals and have cared for our building like it was their own.

Those guests who had reservations during this period have been notified. We extend our apologies for the inconvenience and eagerly await the next opportunity to welcome you back to Café.

Amanda, John, Kevin, Robert, Eleni, Chef Will, Chris, Jim, Ashley, Chef Wolseley, Chef Rolando